‘Real’ Size Mannequins go viral!


Image 1

A post came up on my facebook page last night saying that a department store in Sweden have brought in ‘real’ size mannequins. (http://www.good.is/posts/sweden-s-real-size-mannequins-go-viral)

The article on http://www.good.is states that this idea and photo (image 1 – above) went viral around many social networking sites and now has up to “130,000 “likes” and just as many shares”. In most shops today the models, to me, don’t look well or healthy. Their skin is pale and can even to to a grey shade. In the photo above there is still a ‘skinny’ model next to the ‘normal’ model (being between a size 12 and 16).

Image 2

Image 2

“Surely we should have mannequins of all sizes? They’re there to show us what the clothes we want to buy will look like on a body, not to show us what size we are supposed to be. It’s all well and good going on about “real women” being curvy, but not all skinny girls are unhealthy. Some girls are naturally skinny, and some are naturally larger” -http://www.reddit.com/r/BodyAcceptance/comments/1aj8vh/a_dept_store_sweden_

As I’m writing this I am finding links on Google that mostly say ‘plus size models’. There is one page however that says “but we have to remember that nowadays  plus size is “what we all look like”.

I heard the other day that a 10 year old girl told her mum “I can’t eat that. I told you I’m on a diet”. What kind of world do we live in where this is ‘acceptable’ and you can’t say it’s not. Everywhere you go there are weight loss clothes (don’t even ask how they work), Michelle Bridges socks (…I just…I don’t even), diet pills, vitamin pills (which have been proven to not work – http://scienceblogs.com/scientificactivist/2010/01/06/multivitamins-dont-work/). I understand that there are certain times in your life when you have to take medications like with diabetes or if you have to take supplements like my best friend the vegetarian…my best friend is a vegetarian…she is not The Vegetarian duh duh DUHHHHH…cause let’s face it, that would be weird. Yet mildly interesting at times. Anyway, back on topic!


Image 3

Michelle Bridges does not have wonder socks which magically make you lose weight.

Real women aren’t JUST skinny and they aren’t JUST ‘plus size’, curvy women. ‘Real’ Women are any size but you must make sure you’re healthy.
Vitamin pills/tablets don’t work. Sciencey people have proven that.

Stay beautiful, world!
And be happy 🙂 xx


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