How you doin’?

How can I be 18 and have a mum that I do and have NEVER heard Roxette before!
I know everyone from Connie Francis and Frank Sinatra all the way to Simple Plan and KISS but never Roxette! I heard the song – fading like a flower – and I fell in love with it. I turned it and felt like I was a teenager back in the early 1990s.

I drive a 1983 model car and this song came out in 1991 – I don’t think I was meant to be born when I was.
If you’ve never heard this song – go check it out sometime:

Roxette – Fading like a Flower

My new job, yo

So, you guys remember how I was starting a new job? Well I’ve started. 
I am an internet sales co-ordinator for a car company when, in simple terms means, the enquiries that you send from online car stores, I am on the recieving end of them. I reply to the emails or calls and sort out a time for you all to meet a salesperson or answer any questions you have about locations.

I love it. The pay isn’t great but I get along with the people and I am catching on to things really quickly.

I came in such a great mood cause I stayed back to finish some stuff. I really feel like I fit in too

Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow in Australia.

I don’t get home til 5/5.30pm so for me, it’ll be dinner if I don’t have to cook, shower then bed

No money to celebrate but always up for food



I know, I know – 2 posts in one day, what’s going on!?
Is the world ending?? No. Not that exciting, just an eventful day

  1. What is with girls that think that because they went to the pool, beach etc that they need to go to Woolworths in a bikini, holding a towel. Do they know that it’s like walking around town in your underwear and although some people might be fine doing that, do teenagers think about things like that? I know that I might seem up-tight but for me, if you go to the beach or a pool, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear your swimmers but if you go out wearing your swimmers, it’s a bit wrong. You have a towel which means you can cover up. If you don’t cover up, great, you like your body but do you realise that not only “hot dudes/babes/young guys” – whatever look at you, but some women who are uncomfortable with their own bodies, or girlfriends/partners of the guys that are looking at you or even older people that have different intentions. Some people might look but some people might try other things.
    Girls – be aware
  2. We’ve been friends since we were 1 year old. After we met at preschool, we stayed friends through primary school, then when I moved states, we stayed friends through letter writing and emails. When you heard that I was coming back to own home-town to visit my family, you wanted to meet up. Then after 2 years of that, I moved back home and we saw each other a lot more.
    All because I’m not in the popular group and I don’t get drunk or sleep around, you decide that we are “too different in the social world and that you can’t be bothered to be seen with me”. I honestly thought that our 17 years of friendship would mean a bit more than that. I would have thought that, knowing you the longest and going through a lot together would mean more than getting drunk every weekend together, hooking up with random guys together and also the fact that you and your new friends aren’t completely covered – I don’t even mean individually…I mean, all together – out of the 4 of you – put together, you aren’t one completely covered girl.

    What happened to the girl that used to sing along to music with me and play the sims with me. I get that we grew apart and I’m not jealous of your new friendships – I just don’t understand why – because I have self respect, why that is so bad for our friendship?
    Why are you making fun of my long-term relationship?
    Why are you saying that you can’t be bothered to be seen with me?

What’s the real reason…?

Starting new things

Hello everyone,

Lots has happened over this week including some, but not all, events like:

  1. My 6 month anniversary with my partner
  2. My mum came to visit for a few days
  3. I start a new job on Tuesday
  4. New and exciting things happening on Monday

My Mum Came to Visit

This week was the first time I had seen my mum since Christmas and although we had an argument or two, I love that I can still talk to her when I need her and she gives great hugs. It’s hard going from seeing her everyday from when I was born – to 18 years later where I see her once every 2 months. I only moved 3 months ago but it sometimes is hard without her. She’s a nutter and she’s beautiful and she is my mumma. I love her

New Job Starting Tuesday

So I start work as an Online Sales Co-Ordinator on Tuesday – big, fancy name – with not really any clue what I’ll be doing. That’s not a GREAT start to a job – or anything really – but I’m pretty sure I can bluff my way through it. The people seem nice and the company is good. A job is a job and I needed one of those. I’ve been spending way too long at home and not been getting out a lot…I’ve gone a bit mental…no pun intended.
I think this job is what I needed. To get out of the house, to try new things and to meet new people. I hope I enjoy it and do a lot of good work.

This is kind of all for now that on my mind but I will definately write more in the days and weeks to come.

Love Paula xo



Some help may be required..?

Morning all,

A few things happened today and last night that I would like to talk about. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know how you deal with situations like these.

  1. I went out for a family dinner and felt like I didn’t belong with any of them except my mum. I stayed quiet most of the night then almost cried when leaving. I talked to a family member every now and again but I always felt like nothing I said meant anything so I stayed quiet.
  2. I got offered a job and I took it. I start Tuesday BUT can any of you give me some tips on an Aspergirl starting a new job?
  3. I had an argument with my mum about my partner. This is where it gets difficult – I love my mum so much and I don’t know what I would do without her. She knows me so well and I feel like we are closer than I’ve ever been to anyone else before.
    My partner on the other hand – I love him too but he doesn’t get along with my mum. Have any of you got tips for this too?

I am also trying new things. I have a new youtube channel up and running. Click HERE to view it and subscribe.

I also have a modelling portfolio being built!!

It has been lovely talking to you and I will post more tomorrow.

I love you all. Stay golden





It know that it has been almost a YEAR since I wrote anything but I’m back and I’m back for good. 

What’s new, I hear you ask. Well I shall answer.

  • I have a new puppy dog called Chewbacca
  • I have a partner who I’ve recently moved in with 
  • I have a youtube channel and 
  • I’ve been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome

You are always welcome to comment at the bottom of the page and let me know what you would like me to write about. 

But I PROMISE to be more frequent with my posts! I love you all

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What’s new…

Sorry everyone, I haven’t been on at all for a few weeks.

So a fortnight ago I was in Newcastle and I was hanging out with friends and getting a boyfriend and failing at bowling. Now I am back home and studying again.
The vet came out the other day and mum mentioned to her that I would like to be a vet nurse so I got the help out with my horses. I t wasn’t exactly what I first thought but I reckon I can handle it. Also, the animal studies course is being offered next semester so I’m doing that AND my 80 hour placement is set up too! It is all getting very exciting!

Another thing that is very exciting is that I am 18 in 3 weeks and 2 days give or take a day depending on where you are). So I will be able to go partying…and by that I mean I will probably just stay in bed, watching movies and drinking cups of tea with a very special boy 🙂

Nothing massively big has happened to me recently which is a big boring but that’s life for ya.

When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade, build  fort and be a bit odd! It’s okay if you have a unicorn onsie (which I do now thanks to my mum) and it’s okay if you’ve had a bad past. Just remember that life goes on and if you find that one person who can make it seem like you are okay, then you’re doing great. If you’re by yourself and feeling a bit crappy, remember the song that went with this picture.

Image 1

Best song ever

If you have any topics you’d like me to look into and write about, please let me know in the comments.

Thanks, Pol xx


Previously in my life #4

Hello my little button nosed cubs.

Previously in my life I came to Newcastle for my grandma’s birthday, caught up with friends, got a boyfriend and got mad at a ‘family member’. I’ve been majorly busy indeed. Yes indeedly doody doo!
I can’t bowl so of course I went bowling twice and lost both times BUT the first time I went with my friend Colin and we played as God and Jesus. God won of course. HE MUST BE REAL!! ERMAGHURD

I have must more to say but I am actually incredibly tired. I hadn’t messaged for a few days but I will be back soon, lovelies! 🙂

Stay alive!

Update-a-thon part 2

So I arrived in Sydey and Newcastle both alive and well. I got to Sydney then was freaking out because I couldn’t actually see Newcastle on the list of stops but I asked at the information desk like a good little girl.

Got to see my mental cousin today who fell off a chair. I am definately related to her.
Was going through old photos of our family and found wedding photos of my grandma and grandpa’s wedding. My older brother – who is 21 on Christmas this year –  looks like the spitting image of my grandpa.
Found a photo of my aunty at her wedding and she’s so stunning! I told her this and she just laughs at the 80s perm.

But out of all the people that my grandma has photos of, my mother is the most stunning person ever. She is beautiful and confident and extremely smart too! I love her and I am happy to be my “mothers daughter”.

I bought sunnies today and also Hello Kitty frames. The sunnies apparently make me look 24 but the Hello Kitty ones make me look 12.

Tomorrow I have laser tag and bowling with one of my best friends, Colin. But now I have to go and get ready for going out for a family dinner.

Goodbye all you lovely people that read my blogs 🙂 xx



So since I posted last, I had to get an xray for my teeth to see where my wisdom teeth are.
They want to remove them because I am already too wise and they feel that it may affect the rest of the population. Or what the dentist really said, “you have an impacted wisdom tooth and it would be best to get them removed”…oh goody..happy 18th BUT I won’t be in agonising pain on my birthday which is always good.

Currently I’m on a bus to Newcastle, NSW for my grandma’s birthday. I’ve been on here since 5am (it’s now 8.45 am) and I don’t get there til 2.30pm-ish…so I have been put in charge of my own amusement…which can be dangerous. I started off miming along to my iPod, pretty normal I know but in the 10 minutes prior to me writing this, it was quite a bumpy road and I had a chocolate milk. You can see where this is going.

I leant forward a bit so it wouldn’t look like I peed myself if the milk spilt, which there is nothing wrong with but in this case, it would have been a lie SO turns out if you try to hold laughing in whilst leaning forward, trying not to attract any attention and drinking on a bumpy road, you experience a weird end result.

I inhaled the milk and it went out my nose and caused me to almost die.
But not die. Which is amazing.

This has been part one of my Newcastle trip. Stay tuned for more!!

Previously in my life #3

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

So my mum went away for a few days which means my human interaction and transportation stopped. Being locked in the house, because I don’t like interacting with people or the possibility of getting attacked by animals or even pooped on, I got a bit ‘weird’. I made videos, vacuumed the whole house, made banana muffins, sat and talked to a wall about the weather and made a doona fort. Very productive, I KNOW!! 🙂

Here is some evidence of my obscurity and just plain boredom over the past week. Yes. Only a week.

My version of the Harlem Shake.

Scenes of an Italian Restaurant cover – Billy Joel

A montage of my friendship with my bestie, Mel

Apart from these 3 things, I have been making a birthday present for my grandma (who will read this so I can’t tell you what it is…unfortunately), bought a present for my mum and am making her a present too. Aren’t I lovely. Yes is the answer to that. None of those mean comments you were thinking. Just kidding, I bet you’re all lovely too!

In other news, I have been looking into other courses but still thinking about the animal veterinary one too. I realised that as much as I want to move out and be independent, I just don’t want to leave my mum. I’ve missed her for a week so how am I gonna go moving out of home and being hours away from her every day? Why do you have to be the greatest mum alive, dammit!?…that’s a joke. You’re perfect and I wouldn’t change or trade you.

Good night fellow bloggers and fellows readers. Have a good sleep! 🙂